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Nuestro Hotel

Nuestro Hotel

Hotel Sierra offers our clients the best experience of hospitality, sustainability and social responsibility through a fun, family and ecological service, attending in a personalized way the needs and the fulfillment of their expectations.

Having thus a wonderful business experience, various activities, with the quality that our clients deserve in a place, that for more than a decade, has been classified as one of the best hotels in the area and its location is strategic for people who want to go shopping at the Golfito Free Deposit, since it is less than 2 minutes away. Hotel Sierra is a place where you can enjoy a lot of tranquility.

Desde el momento en que entras en nuestras puertas hasta el momento en que te vas, recibirás un servicio de primera categoría. Siéntase libre para comer en nuestro restaurante, o póngase en contacto con nuestro administrador para realizar algún tour o alguna actividad en la zona, durante su estancia. Nos comprometemos para que sus dias aquí sean los mejores.